"We Help Families Bounce And Not Break"

Help Me Bounce

Spare Key’s mortgage grant program is designed to provide a mortgage grant to families facing a medical crisis. For over 20 years, Spare Key has served families throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota with a family member struggling with a medical crisis. Today, as we begin our next 20 years we are harnessing the power of crowdfunding, along with our own financial resources, to build the capacity to serve more families than ever before. Our commitment as a 501 (C)(3) is to do all we can to support families. By leveraging our financial, donor, marketing and social media resources we hope to ensure that we can achieve our ultimate goal of supporting 100% of all families who qualify for a Spare Key mortgage grant. The “Help Me Bounce” platform is just one more step in us doing all we can to help families “Bounce and not Break.”

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