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Our Story: It all started in August of 2017.We noticed a small bite, thinking that it was either a mosquito or she might have hit her head on the top.A few months later it grew to a size of 5x4 centimeters and in October of last year we visited our primary doctor. She said it could be a cyst but since it was hard not soft we were referred to Children's hospital for further check ups. Long story short, on February 12 this year Sofia our youngest daughter was diagnosed with Lymphoma centralized cancer type B.She is going currently through a second phase of treatment and will continue for the next two years.Hope this story will touch people to help us and keep us in prayers.Lastly, good news 3 weeks ago after the 1st phase of treatment was over, pat scan showed no evidence of cancer.That's a big relief for our family but the treatment needs to continue so it won't come back.Thank you for your assistance and God bless.