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The Sorensen Family



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Our Story: We welcomed boy/boy twins on July 5th, 2018! It has been a long journey. On June 12th at 29 weeks gestation I had a bleed caused from a placenta previa. I was hospitalized on bed-rest on that date. We live 75 miles from the closest NICU and I spent 3 weeks and 2 days on bed-rest in the labor and delivery department. My husband was left to care for our 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son. On July 5th I had a third bleed (placental abruption) with a C-Section. They were 7 weeks and 5 days premature. The twins are currently in the NICU. During their stay in the NICU they have needed help breathing via a machine and eventually oxygen through a nasal cannula, one required a blood transfusion, UV lights, tube feeding, assistance regulating their body temperature, close monitoring, different medications and tests. We are so grateful for everything the nurses and physicians have done for us! Thank you so much for considering our family for the spare key program!