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Our Story: During my pregnancy we found out that our baby boy had a rare chromosome disorder and a disorder that affect his joints. Our son Barrington was born in April, from the doctors we were preparing for the worst scenario. He was born with a compromised airway due to a small jaw, skeletal and muscular contractions of his arms and legs; including club feet. Our son has now been in the NICU for 22 days. He has had a major six hour long surgery on his jaw, got a feeding tube placed and just got his first of 10+ casts done on his lower extremities. We are very thankful for all the care he has received at the NICU, we are nervous and of course excited to bring him home. Due to his ongoing medical needs my husband took two weeks off of work unpaid. I am already dropping my hours at work from full time when I go back to work. This will be a very difficult year for us. We are very thankful for any consideration for assistance, but we understand that others may have more need than us.

June 5, 2018, 8:27 p.m.

Transition Home

We transitioned home from the NICU two weeks ago tomorrow. It has been quite the whirlwind. Our son Barrington has required about 4 appointments a week with different specialties. We started casting for his club feet, which will require weekly changes for up to 20 weeks. We are working on getting him to suck, but his is primarily feeding through his feeding tube. His jaw is now 'distracted' and he is getting used to the bigger jaw, and we hope and pray that he can start sucking and swallowing better. Even though we have been very busy with appointments we have been blessed to be adjusting ok. Our 8 year old daughter Beverly is 'in love' with her 'little bro.' I know God plans everything for a reason, and his timing was good, with having 8 years in between it has been a blessing. She loves to read to him and act like a 'little mom.' We will for sure have a busy year with appointments, but we hope and pray that our family continues to have strength to get through. Thank you for your support.