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Our Story: God blessed us with twin boys on September 16th of this year. We live 95 miles from the hospital. They were six weeks early and have had to reside in the NICU. They have not given us a clear date for release. This has definitely exhausted us emotionally, physically, and financially. We continually drive back and forth and take alternating shifts with the boys while the other parent takes care of our three children at home. Our children at home are aged 10,4, and 22 months. God bless you for your consideration and thoughts.

Nov. 2, 2018, 4:47 p.m.

The babies are home!!!

I just wanted to give everyone an update, the baby boys have been home for a couple weeks now. Life has been beautiful and crazy all at the same time. We are in recovery mode in terms of financially. The boys are doing well and have adjusted nicely. I will admit the first night was the craziest lol.