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The VanEyll Family



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Our Story: I am Elizabeth. My husband Jon and I are parents to two wonderful girls, Bailee and Makenzie. The past 8 months have sent our family on a journey that I would have never imagined. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on March 16, 2018 and our world instantly changed. The diagnosis came after I felt a lump, and the mammogram and biopsy confirmed that it was a very aggressive form of cancer. Within 2 weeks I started chemotherapy and completed 6 rounds between April and July. I will continue with infusion treatments every three weeks until April of 2019. In August I had a Bi-lateral Mastectomy and the removal of 22 lymph nodes. Currently I am going through radiation treatment, which will last 6 weeks, and physical therapy to regain full motion in my arm from the surgery. The last step in this journey will be a final reconstruction surgery this Spring.My treatment plan has been very long and exhausting, leaving me unable to work for most of the course of treatment.