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Our Story: After going in for a follow up ultrasound from my 20 week it was discovered that I was starting to dialate and had a protruding bag. Just before 1am our twin girls were born at 24 Weeks via c-section. Within the first week one of our girls had a bowel perforation and needed emergency surgery to place drain tubes and flush her abdomen. Since then she has required 2 additional surgeries, a PDA ligation in her heart and close a valve in her heart and bowl surgery on a stricter that formed in her intestine from the perforation, resulting in an ostomy. Her incision site became infected and took weeks to heal. She will still need another surgery to reconnect her bowel. Our other daughter ended up getting very sick with late onset group b step sepsis which caused her to get bacterial meningitis. After fighting this infection for over a week an mri was done to determine how much damage the meningitis had caused. She suffered extensive brain damage and passed away due to this.