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Our Story: So little 7 week old Ava, got RSV. On Friday 1/4/19 We brought Ava to the ER again. The doctors put her on oxygen because her numbers were in the 80's. They said they were going to send her to children's hospital. When the ambulance took her down there, we drove separate so we could grab some clothes. When we showed up she was even worse. Within 5 mins of us being at children's she stopped breathing. Next thing we know a doctor is running down the hall with my baby in her arms to the trauma room. We stood in a room with 30+ people all working on our little baby. They ventilated her and now she is breathing with a machine. They have her sedated so she can not move and is in a dream state. No improvement in her lungs, they still sound the same as when she first arrived. She has a feeding tube so she is getting plenty of mother's milk. We are on day 6 of no change, doctors said it will take a long time till we are better.