"We Help Families Bounce And Not Break"

The Hansen Family



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Our Story: We are a family of nine. Both working parents who typically don’t ever ask for help. However, with medical bills and our son being in the nicu for two weeks we don’t have much of a choice. Prior to him being in the nicu I was also admitted into the hospital and put on bedrest after being ambulanced to Sioux Falls from Brookings. Medical bills are already coming in, we’re now behind on our mortgage due to the hospitalizations. After our son was born I contracted ecoli poisoning that went into my blood stream so I was once again hospitalized. September was a very rough month for us. We are stressed to the max on how to pay for everything plus meet the daily needs of our seven kids. I am also self employed so missing work for me is completely unpaid. My husband was only paid for 4 days of missed work. The rest has been unpaid as well.